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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Abordagens familiares face ao autismoRoncon, Paula
2006Acute ankle sprain: an updateIvins, Douglas
2010Alterações morfofuncionais musculares em resposta ao alongamento passivo em modelo animal de imobilização prolongada de membro posteriorRocha, Wanize Almeida; Gobbi, Gustavo Abrahão; Araújo, Vitor de Freitas; Santuzzi, Cíntia Helena; Coutinho, Gilma Correa; Nogueira, Breno Valentim; Gonçalves, Washington Luiz Silva
2013An ICON overview on physical modalities for neck pain and associated disordersGraham, Nadine; Gross, Anita R.; Carlesso, Lisa C.; Santaguida, P. Lina; MacDermid, Joy C.; Walton, Dave; Ho, Enoch; ICON
2010An investigation into the potential hypoalgesic effects of different amplitudes of PA mobilisations on the lumbar spine as measured by pressure pain thresholds (PPT)Krouwel, Oliver; Hebron, Clair; Willet, Elaine
2006Biological mechanism of musculoskeletal shockwavesWang, Ching-Jen; Wang, Feng-Sheng; Kuender, D. Yang
2011Body image distortions in bulimia nervosa: Investigating body size overestimation and body size satisfaction by fMRIMohr, H. M.; Röder, C.; Zimmermann, J.; Hummel, D.; Negele, A.; Grabhorn, R.
1993Bourdieu and the Sociology of AestheticsLoesberg, Jonathan
2008Brain imaging and psychotherapy: Methodological considerations and practical implicationsLinden, David E. J.
2008Changes of skin characteristics during and after local Parafango therapy as used in physiotherapyClijsen, Ron; Taeymans, Jan; Duquet, William; Barel, André; Clarys, Peter
2003Clinical practice guidelines in clinical psychology and psychotherapyParry, Glenys; Cape, John; Pilling, Steve
2010Comparison of DeLorme with Oxford resistance training techniques: effects of training on muscle damage markersSilva, D. P. da; Curty, V.M.; Areas, J. M.; Souza, S. C.; Hackney, A. C.; Machado, M.
2003A cost-benefit analysis of electronic medical records in primary careWang, Samuel J.; Middleton, Blackford; Prosser, Lisa A.; Bardon, Christiana G.; Spurr, Cynthia D.; Carchidi, Patricia J.; Kittler, Anne F.; Goldszer, Robert C.; Fairchild, David G.; Sussman, Andrew J.; Kuperman, Gilad J.; Bates, David W.
2009Da democratização da cultura a um conceito e prática alternativos de democracia culturalLopes, João Miguel Teixeira
2013Do thermal agents affect range of movement and mechanical properties in soft tissues? A systematic reviewBleakley, Chris M.; Costello, Joseph T.
2007O drama da redenção: a crítica de Nietzsche ao Parsifal de WagnerBarros, Fernando R. de Moraes
2009Effect of Maitland mobilization and exercises for the treatment of shoulder adhesive capsulitis: a single-case designMaricar, N.; Shacklady, C.; McLoughlin, L.
2000End-range mobilization techniques in adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder joint: a multiple-subject case reportVermeulen, Henricus M.; Obermann, Wim R.; Burger, Bart J.; Kok, Gea J.; Rozing, Piet M.; van den Ende, Cornelia H.M.
2006Fisiologia e importância do órgão tendinoso de Golgi no controle motor normalTaneda, Marco; Pompeu, José Eduardo
1999From Music Publishing to MP3: Music and Industry in the Twentieth CenturyGarofalo, Reebee
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